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This event will kick off with a full-day presentation from D Michael Coy that will focus on clinical work with dissociative populations that integrates theory and aspects of Ego State Therapy, Mirror Neurons, EMDR, and Hypnosis.The Best Way Out Is Always Through: Explorations in Integrating EMDR, Ego State Therapy, and Trance Phenomena to Treat Complex Trauma and DissociationPresenter: D. Michael Coy
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Power, Oppression and Trauma TreatmentPresenter: Dr Alana Tappin, C.PyschAbstract: There is deeply ingrained inequality in North American. This inequality is maintained by the social and economic dominance of some groups at the expense of others (Brown 2019). Each of us, therapists and clients alike, have multiple social identities connected to various cultural groups that are arranged in hierarchies (Brown, 2017). Some of these identities hold more social and/or economic “power over,” and others are oppressed.