The ISSTD Center for Advanced Studies in Trauma and Dissociation (CFAS) has developed a comprehensive series of educational programs including training courses, webinars, and conferences.  Each of these interlinked programs is based upon the Core Areas of Knowledge that were identified by the leaders of the field in 2010. The Center awards a Certificate in Complex Trauma and Dissociation to those who complete 72 hours of ISSTD courses and training. ISSTD awards an Advanced Certificate in Complex Trauma and Dissociation to those who complete 100 hours.

Credits are now available for live and recorded participation in ISSTD webinars, regional conferences, virtual conferences and annual conferences. Credit is also available for live participation only in Professional Training Program courses. ISSTD certificate program credits are automatically awarded upon the full completion of a Professional Training Program course. Successful completion is based on meeting the minimum required participation for the course as included in each course description. For webinars and conferences participants must complete an evaluation and/or quiz to receive credit. 

There is no cost to earn certificate program credits beyond the cost of each education program. ISSTD updates credit totals for all participants on a quarterly basis and recognizes those who have earned the Certificate or Advanced Certificate each year at the Annual Conference.

While there are a number of ways to earn your Certificate and Advanced Certificate, ISSTD has developed two bundles of courses and webinars that represent the most direct path toward to completion. For more information on these options, visit the Certificate Program Bundles Page.

Continue your journey towards mastery of complex trauma and dissociation! Most training programs focus on ‘simple’ trauma. ISSTD's CFAS programs focus on complex trauma. “We start where others leave off.”