Every live and recorded presentation will be assigned a content/learning level based on the descriptions provided by our Continuing Education approving boards. Below please find the descriptions for each of the three content/learning levels. 

  • Beginning/Introductory: Suitable for all professional participants (including students). Introduces learners to a content area; includes information about a condition, treatment method, or issue; and involve learning and comprehending content.
  • Intermediate: Provides information that builds on knowledge practioners with some experience already have. Focus on skill-building or adding knowledge, possibly following a brief overview of basic information, and involve using information in concrete situations and understanding the underlying structure of the material.
  • Advanced: Provides content for participants who have been working in the content area and have a clear understanding of the issues. These cover and address the complexities involved in the work and involve synthesizing material to create new patterns or structures or evaluating material for a specific purpose.